Why Brett Young’s Life as a Daddy Girl Exceeded His Wildest Dreams

“That was the first time I did it,” Brett shared when recalled viral concert moment. “I was really in the middle of the song and I saw him videoing it from the side stage and I went, ‘No, no. Put down your phone.’ I walked over and held her so it was completely random and pointless, which for both of us made it even more special.

Before starting a family and raising two children—Presley2, and 11 months of age Rowan—Brett remembers his wife going out every week to perform. Now, parenting is no. 1 priority, with Brett adjusting his schedule to make sure he has plenty of time to be with his girls.

ago hit the road again in August, Brett was savoring daddy-daughter lunch with Presley that he said would “speak like a 6-year-old.” For Rowan, she has developed a love for water, making pool days a necessity. When asked if being a female father was all he expected, Brett simply said it was more than he expected.

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