Why Britney Spears Feels “Completely Abandoned” By Sister Jamie Lynn

This continues to be a difficult time for Britney Spears‘sister’s relationship Jamie Lynn Spears.

One source told E! Exclusive news that Britney feels “completely abandoned” by her younger sister among 39-year-old vocalist “Womanizer” ongoing struggle for equality. This follows Jamie Lynn’s announcement earlier this week that he will do so later published a memoir containing various aspects of his own life.

“Britney was very, very angry and hurt,” the insider shares. “She feels like Jamie Lynn has left her and left her with the fight of her life. They’ve been best friends and all of each other for a long time.”

The source continued about Britney, “She’s begging for support, and she feels like Jamie Lynn has turned her back on her and won’t be distracted.”

E! The news reached Jamie Lynn’s rep for comment and has yet to be announced.

On Monday, October 11, Jamie Lynn shared on Instagram that he had finished writing his book, Things I Would Have Said, scheduled for publication in January 2022.

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