Why Daisy Jones and The Six’s Male Cast Are Covered in Makeup

Sometimes, the smallest details make the biggest picture.

That’s what happened Daisy Jones and The Sixnew limited series on Prime Video based on Taylor Jenkins Reidof bestselling novel about the fictional ’70s band’s rise and fall. But before the actors can channel the rockstars, they have to visit the show’s makeup department head Rebecca WachtelWHO exclusively told E! News of how he got them into character first.

For one, to make the audience believe that the actors—Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Sebastian Chacon (Warren Rhodes), Will Harrison (Graham Dunne) and Josh Whitehouse (Eddie Roundtree)—taken straight from the period, they had to be covered in body makeup.

“Most of the cast have a lot of tattoos,” says Rebecca. “And in the ’70s, people didn’t have tattoos.”

He continued, “So, you watch the show, and everyone looks clean-skinned, but it’s actually a lot of work to get to that place.”

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