Why Deb Stopped Dexter from Telling Harrison About His Murder Ritual

New Blood has Harrison involved in the “family business,” but Deb wisely makes Dexter exclude his classic murder ritual when the Code is explained.

Warning: SPOILERS forward for Dexter: New Blood stage 9.

As Dexter informs Harrison about Code in Dexter: New Blood, Deb stops him before he tells his son about his blood -killing ritual – which will help Harrison in the long run. As in the original Dexter The series reminds viewers, serial killers almost always keep a trophy as part of their murder rituals to remember their victims. The ritual at Dexter’s Bay Harbor Butcher is to cut off his victim’s cheek and place a blood sample on a slide that he puts in a box, which is one of the most sociopathic aspects of his vigilante serial killing – and he almost gets caught many times.


After Kurt tries to kill Harrison as the The Runaway Killer in Dexter: New Blood episode 8, Dexter decides it’s time to tell Harrison about his own Dark Passenger and, most of all, Harry’s Code. New Blood Episode 9 begins with Dexter telling Harrison about Code through a flashback of his hunt and capture of Wiggles the Clown, an unseen murder from the original series. As Dexter tells Harrison his process in step-by-step, he reaches the flashback part where he has Wiggles on his desk and is about to cut off his cheek for his blood slide trophy before Deb stops and is told Dexter that he could not. tell Harrison about his “disease — a ** ritual, ”So Dexter skipped this detail.

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Consider Dexter’s initial story with Harrison in New Blood covers every aspect of DexterBay Harbor Butcher MO apart from his blood slide ritual and actual murder of the victim, is too much to include that detail. The most important reason why Deb stops Dexter from talking to Harrison is because it’s more painful than a vigilante – it proves that Dexter has a sociopathic need to remember and re -experience these murders with satisfaction. . Dexter tries to frame the Code so as not to kill or be more distracting, because he strategically ends the flashback by saying that he just scared Wiggles into not hurting anyone anymore. If Dexter even included the fact that he kept trophies and sadistically cut off the cheeks of his victims, it would prove that the Code not only suppressed his urges, but he enjoyed the brutal process.

on Dexter: New Blood, Dexter is trying to fix where Harry was wrong to teach him the Code, especially since he believes Harry made him a terrible killer is “child abuse. ” By not participating in the ritualistic trophy that comes from Dexter’s Bay Harbor Butcher career, he tries to avoid passing on the same sociopathic satisfaction of acquitting his crimes, even if they are opposed to “bad people. ” Dexter knows that blood slides aren’t part of Harry’s Code because they oppose the idea that he’s just a vigilante, making him a sadistic serial killer like everyone else. Instead of passing this frightening ritual to Harrison to just feed on the horrible aspect of his Dark Passenger, Dexter leaves it so Harrison doesn’t believe it’s okay. Even if the two work together to kill Kurt, Dexter doesn’t cut his cheek or take a blood sample.

Considering that Harrison deserves to take every aspect of the Code seriously Dexter: New Blood to satisfy himself Trinity Killer-made Dark Passenger, it is very important that Dexter leaves the bloodstream to avoid being caught. The number one rule of the Code is not to get caught, and Dexter’s blood flow almost caused him to be known as Bay Harbor Butcher on numerous occasions in Dexteroriginal series. Trophies and specific MO rituals are some of the most common ways to catch serial killers, which makes sliding Dexter’s blood one of the most dangerous aspects of his ritual. Dexter allowed Harrison to “family business“sa Dexter: New Blood, but he must also exclude the most dangerous aspects of his rituals.

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