Why Dom Quickly Forgives Deckard

Dominic Toretto’s decision to immediately pardon Deckard Shaw caused fan backlash, but Strength and Fury The franchisee may find ways to justify this judgment. Collectively known as The Fast Saga, there are now nine films in the series, including its very first spin, Fast and Furious Presentations: Hobbs & Shaw showing the team-up between Deckard and Luke Hobbs on their ascent after the mysterious group known as Eteon. Back to the main story of the movie, Dom prepares for another mission Power and Fury 9 to see him chase after Mia’s well -known brother, Jakob, who is supported Fate of the Angry villain, Cipher.

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Except for F9main story, Han’s resurrection is also a multi -faceted plot. At this point, little is known about how he will recover after he is believed to have died many years ago. His progress also inspired the “Justice For Han” movement, which aims to hold Deckard accountable for what he did to a beloved member of “la familia.” With director Justin Lin returning to the car-centric franchise to direct the last three films starting in E9, there is great hope that this will be the case. After all, Han is what he considers the brain, originally debuting his film Much Better Tomorrow before joining The Fast Saga.

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Lin admits that delivering justice to what happened to Han was a big factor in his decision to go back and direct the next. Strength and Fury trilogy. But at this point, it’s hard to gauge how that can be achieved, given that Deckard will not enter F9. However, what the upcoming blockbuster could do is explain why Dom quickly forgave older Shaw after he tried to kill Han.

Deckard kills Han For Revenge

Deckard Shaw Quick and annoying death of han

Given the turbulent timeline of The Fast Saga, Han’s story can be truly confusing. Originally introduced as Sean Boswell’s mentor The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, he also allegedly met his death at the end of the same film. However, this detail has not been properly established so far Nasuko 7 which successively occurred after the installment set in Japan. This is why Han is still involved in the gang’s operation Strength and Fury, Fast Five, ug Power and Fury 6, where Dom’s group is confronted the younger Shaw brother, Owen, who was seriously injured in their last encounter. Fueled with revenge for what happened, Deckard asks for revenge against “the family,” following Han, who was isolated from his team and alone in Asia.

Fate of Wrath Deckard Backlash Explained

Before it is confirmed that Han is actually alive, there is already an answer as to how The Fate of the Angry manages the outcome of his presumed death. While he initially holds a grudge against Deckard, Dom later forgives Deckard at the end of the same film after he has a part in rescuing his secret son with Elena from Cipher. Not only did it matter that Dom didn’t dismiss every crime the older Shaw committed with his crew, he even gave him a seat at the table during their traditional Strength and Fury gathering on the mission, signaling that he was now one of them. It’s true that ensuring his son’s safety is Dom’s main concern, the fact that they didn’t talk about what happened t0 Han before they buried the hatchet was seen as a major betrayal of the character’s legacy in The Fast Saga. The backlash was very strong, even though some of the cast members of the franchise supported the “Justice For Han” movement.

Han Returns To F9

Deckard’s arc continues in The Fast Saga, but his story unfolds in a way that differs from that of Dom and his crew. Now, he’s with Hobbs, and their adventures play into the offshoot series Hobbs and Shaw. This is why the “Justice for Han” controversy dies down a bit – until it is revealed that Han is alive and returning. F9. It is worth remembering that Han’s death was never shown on-screen; there was an implication that he was still inside the overall car when it caught fire, but he could see his exit. Not much has been revealed about how exactly it survived the car crash at the end of the Tokyo Drift and the explanation is even more salvageable for the film itself.

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However, according to the trailers, it shows that if Han continued to live in Japan after his presumed death, it was agreed that Mia and Letty would travel the country before they prepared for their fight against Jakob. Hobbs and Shaw Making the franchise’s resurgence is another potential explanation for how he came back. Whatever the case, F9 must provide a strong reason for his return.

Strong Saga Theory: Dom Knows Han Is Alive

Understandably, Lin hid the information about Han’s return to his chest. But given what is known about this specific interesting F9 plot point, and his intent to do justice to what happened to the character, the chances that the upcoming film will start to heal the filmmaker’s promise. That might start with an explanation of why Dom was quick to forgive Deckard by revealing that he always knew Han was alive-and there was evidence to back up the claim.

First, Dom went to Japan to start Nasuko 7 to return Han’s body to the U.S. It seems doubtful that he didn’t even check if the leftovers he brought really belonged to Han. Second, Mia and Letty are going to Japan in recruiting help is much more coincidental. While it is not yet certain what exactly brought them to the East Asian country, it is possible that Dom led them but did not inform them who they had gathered there while asking for help for the upcoming Jakob encounter. Noticeably, when Han shows up at the gang’s hiding place, everyone is surprised, but Dom stays cool, as he’s already waiting for their old friend to show up.

Dom knowing that Han is alive so it makes it as easy as possible for him to release the hatred he feels against Deckard. In fact, they should have had any right to talk about the Tokyo incident instead of ignoring them. Fate of the Angry. Allow the fact that brother Shaw failed in his assassination attempt and that Han was safe in Japan at all times. Dom to focus on rescuing his son, Brian. From there, Strength and Fury may progress to actually holding Shaw accountable for his crimes, and the remaining two films in The Fast Saga after F9, Lin has plenty of time to do it.

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