Why Fans Think Kody Brown is Competing with His Children

Kody Brown’s parenting skills were questioned throughout Sister Wives season 16. Fans believed Kody was competing with his children.

Kody Brown takes on the serious role of leading a polygamous family Sister Wives, but some of the plural clan’s followers think Kody’s relationship with his gaggle of children is more competition than love. Kody was criticized for not spending enough time with his children and the patriarch saw his children even less often thanks to the strict rules he enforced to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. From complicated polygamous family dynamics to Kody forcing his wives to choose between himself and their children, here Why Sister Wives Fans thought of Kody is in the contest with her children.


Kody became one of the youngest polygamists thanks to the way he treated his wives and children. Sister Wives. Viewers were quickly upset with the patriarch when Kody married Robyn and treated his first three wives like chopped liver. After marrying Meri, Janelle, and Christine in the early 1990s, Kody moved into the dynamic Brown family when he tied the knot with Robyn in 2010. Kody is still drifting from his original trio of sisters in decades passed until he confessed that he regretted that he had married Meri and Christine had divorced him. Unfortunately, Sister Wives Fans have argued that Kody has been a left -handed husband and father for the past few years.

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Kody showed his poor parenting skills when he left his children at important times in their lives. Kody was late to the hospital when Christine gave birth to their child, Truely, and Kody did not travel to New Jersey with Ysabel for her spine surgery because she was afraid of contracting COVID. Kody’s other children have also noticed that throughout the pandemic, the reality star barely sees them. In an alleged effort to curb the spread of COVID, Kody spent almost all of the pandemic quarantined with Robyn and her five children. As much as Kody’s hiding of his children’s lives isn’t enough, the patriarch’s comments most recently Sister Wives The season 16 episode means Kody sees his kids as his opponents. A Reddit checked by the user, “It’s no longer about Covid for Kody, it’s about making his OG wives choose him over their children.”

Kody Brown seems to be confused with Sister Wives

the Sister Wives fanbase hypothesizes that It was almost impossible for Kody to follow the instructions on COVID-19 It was not a step to keep the family safe, but to force his wives to choose between himself and his children. Although it may be manageable for Kody’s wives to follow his high rules of maintenance, most of his children do not follow his code. This puts wives with multiple children like Janelle and Christine in uncomfortable positions when the holidays come. Fans believe Kody’s jealousy of his children is responsible for his strict protocol. Another spectator added that Kody’s behavior is not unusual for polygamous households, explaining, “In that culture, adult children (especially boys) are rivals … It’s not surprising [me] if Kody feels that his older brothers are a threat to his authority. “ A fan thinking while sister wives have freedom, “The illusion of [Kody] the control … is gone. “

Kody is far from a perfect father, however Sister Wives Fans found her growing competition with her children alarming. From forcing his wives to choose between spending time with their children or him for the holidays to the fear of his order to the Brown family slowing down, Kody’s rivalry with his children is more obvious. Unfortunately, neither Kody nor his children will win this competition Sister Wives.

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