Why Fans Think Ronnie Should Have Been Away Years Ago

Longtime fans say Ronnie should have been fired years ago for his toxic and abusive behavior. They remember a scene where he was seen pushing Snooki.

It’s been a long time Jersey Shore Fans thought Ronnie Ortiz-Magro would have been kicked out of the show a long time ago. A clip from the show’s original series is back again where Ronnie is seen aggressively pushing roommate Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi while at the club. Ronnie has a history of domestic violence allegations.

Recently, Ronnie was arrested in Los Angeles, California, where he now lives, in another alleged domestic violence incident. Ronnie was taken into custody and later released on $ 100,000 bail. Even though many fans first thought that his estranged ex and baby mom Jenn Harley was involved, his new lover, Joe, quickly confirmed that Ronnie was not a victim at this hour. Because of this fans believe that Ronnie’s new lover Saffire Matos, is about to end the fight.

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After Ronnie’s latest arrest, Jersey Shore the fans are quick to called for MTV to remove him from the show. Now, they think he would have been fired a long time ago, before the cast returns for the spin-off series. Reddit Users recall a specific scene from the original show where Ronnie was seen pushing Snooki while at the club. In the clip, taken from the third season of season two, Snooki insists on Ronnie that he will be faithful to Sam “Sweetheart” Giancola. After ignoring his advice, Ronnie pushes Snooki away, which immediately generates a reaction from the people around them. Pauly Delvecchio with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino who quickly entered before the whole group left the club.

Although the show has a lot of controversy throughout its six-season run, the scene clearly evokes the memories of the spectators. Looking at it, fans knew Ronnie would have been kicked out in the early days of the show. Many of his questionable moves have slipped under the radar. At the scene, Pauly said in his confession, “We have to get in.“However, everything that the boys were seen doing they brought to Ronnie’s house. Fans thought the production left most of what really happened, like the boys confronting Ronnie about pushing Snooki.Ronnie was considered disrespectful to others – not now, and certainly not then.

Jersey Shore Fans were disappointed with MTV for allowing Ronnie to be away for so many years, as well as continuing to pay him to show up. They were able to use what the fans called “shadow editing“so as not to see his actions as bad as the camera. Viewers were outraged that MTV continued to show the drama he was carrying, which would ultimately give the network greater overall revenue. While Ronnie was on future period of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, as it was filmed prior to his arrest today, it is unknown if he will continue to be a part of future seasons.

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