Why Hype Beasts Everywhere Are Obsessed With The Reebok Line of Cardi B

“What inspires the design of this collection are the snatch knits,” Cardi shared at the launch. “The pants are tight-you don’t have to go to a seamstress. That’s tight. Sometimes [ladies] just want clothes that fit us beautifully, that shape us, that give us a beautiful little shape. I asked for it [clothes] make them happy and make them comfortable. “

Like his previous collection, Fierce City there are included sizes from 2XS to 4X. It’s also important for both Cardi and Reebok to create a line that also considers design and material.

The collection has many pieces from ribbed skirts to disposable pants, bodysuits to jackets, and more. When you see clothes, you say “I Like It,” but it’s better to “Press” that button at checkout because “Writing On The Wall” is obvious: it’s a collection you don’t want to lose. Check out our favorites below.

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