Why Jana Kramer has not revealed her identity to her boyfriend

She got the man and the privacy—for now.

Weeks after his first confirmation new relationship with a Scottish athlete, Jana Kramer the full identity of her mysterious man has yet to be revealed. But in his Jan 22 episode weeping podcastJana arrived it is about to become Instagram official with her boyfriend.

“Everyone knows that I have a boyfriend, it’s already out there,” he said. “We talked. Maybe next time we get together.”

Jana still has a picture montage ready to post for her 2 million Instagram followers. So, what stopped her from sharing more about the relationship? It’s not really the critics.

“People are going to be mean no matter what, so I think it’s just one of those things where I’m like, ‘Who cares?'” he said. “We’re in a good place. People are going to be mean even if I post it, don’t post it, hold it for six months. They’re going to say the same thing: ‘Oh it’s going to last.'”

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