Why Kim Basinger Says Ireland Baldwin’s Pregnancy Is Like Her Own

When it comes to pregnancy, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Kim Basingerit’s family.

On January 4, the LA Confidential The actress shared the special similarities she saw between her pregnancies Ireland Baldwin and now Ireland’s own baby bump. Accompanying the post with different sonograms, Kim wrote, “I know it’s hard to read…But in April of 1995, this is a note I wrote on one of my first sonograms with baby Ireland.”

“It says ‘4 white paws and a tail,'” she continued on Instagram, “‘Like I said to Dr. Liu (my OB), It’s a puppy!'”

It seems the sonogram in Ireland has inherited the same traits, as Kim said, “This weekend, 27 years ago, I looked at @irelandirelandireland’s latest sonogram and could have sworn that she has a Beagle! Like mother, like daughter … and a new baby girl. when we arrive. So looking forward to meeting this little Snoopy in June.”

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