Why Kylie Wasn’t From Travis Scott’s Birthday Celebration

Continuing Kardashians fans have noticed Kylie Jenner’s disappearance from Travis Scott’s 29th birthday celebration and pondered their situation.

Continuing with the Kardashians Fans wondered where Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott stood after they noticed she wasn’t there on her birthday. The rapper “SICKO MODE” celebrated his 29th birthday over the weekend and enjoyed a walk with friends. When he travels by a private jet, many believe he can be with his billionaire mother’s daughter. But he was out of sight.

Kylie and Travis have continued a good co-parenting relationship since their separation in October 2019. By the time they separated, it is said that the two decided to take a break after starting early parenting. They were just dating for at least a year when they welcomed Stormi Webster in February 2018. The two went public at Coachella last year and probably conceived their daughter by the time the timeline was considered. Since their breakup, the believers have been convinced that they are still involved because most of them appear to be together.

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But it looks like Kylie is already sitting on it with the arrival of Travis ’birthday. On his special day, he shares a series of photographs of him and Stormi together but did not share any live footage alongside his ex. “Do you think kylie celebrates him? “ someone asked a Reddit hilo. “No. He would have posted all about it, “ another said in response. “Happy Birthday Traviii” breathless / beautiful voice as hands soften breast. And Travis doesn’t seem interested, ” they acted while mocking the two stars. “No, she was definitely not there. I found it interesting that there were never any photos of the other women traveling,” someone else noticed before “I didn’t buy it. “

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott

Neither of the two have been romantically linked to anyone else since their separation. It’s possible the Houston -based rapper is just the Kylie Cosmetics mogul. But according to one fan, “Travis closed his groups, no videos without photos,“They said. Someone suggested Khloe Kardashian’s adulterous partner Tristan Thompson should take notes from Travis. When Travis chartered his own private jet for his birthday getaway, the a fan like this they know Kylie didn’t attend. “No. He would have taken his plane instead of chartering one if he was going,“they admitted.

In recent months, reports have revealed that Travis and Kylie still spending time together close but without any title. Since Travis is technically solo, he is free to celebrate his birthday with whoever he wants. Kylie not being too clingy could be the perfect way to keep the rapper “Butterflies” coming back.

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