Why Malaysia Pargo Backs Out From Basketball Wives

Malaysia Pargo called a time out on her Basketball Wives journey

the reality TV star revealed by February 27 episode of the VH1 series that he decided to withdraw from the show.

“I enjoy doing Basketball Wives. 10 years ago,” said Malaysia. “But at some point, you have to realize and say, ‘I love a child who doesn’t love me.’ So I have to stay away from this group and this show. ”

The news comes after a fight in Malaysia with some of his co-stars, including his drama with Jennifer Williams on Jackie Christienew ponderosa. After the event, Malaysia met Jackie and their fellow cast members DJ Duffey to inform them of his decision.

“At this point, I’m not going to hang out with your group of friends, the band you put together,” he told Jackie. “I don’t really hang out with that group of people, permanently. I don’t mind hanging out with people who give me, like, bad vibes. more.”

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