Why Matt James Thought Katie Thurston Could Be the “Best” Bachelorette Today

He added, “I know how much has been accomplished for me from that capacity, as well [when] the show films and deals with everything you have to deal with and gets to that position. ”

It also seemed to help him while filming The Bachelor and management of the drama that arose when The photos of Rachael unconsciously fade away again.

Matt shares, “One of the most fun things for me is just talking into my headphones, plugging in the podcast or putting on a slow jam and just getting out. [has] a lot has been done for me, I try to encourage people who may have a relationship in their lives to manage them in a positive way like that. ”

Any other reason he likes good exercise? “It’s important to me to stay physically active so you can, hopefully … when I have kids later, I can do similar things with them,” said Matt, who recently partnered with DICK’s Sporting Goods in their annual National Runners Month campaign.

Her love of running helped inspire fellowship, as she encouraged fans to share their running photos under the hashtag #SeeYouOutThere.

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