Why Meghan McCain Says Joy Behar Left Her

Meghan McCainthe fate of The Perspective sealed with nine words.

In an interview with The Commentary Magazine Podcast August 4, the former co-host of the daytime chat show revealed what the end was leading to his exit from the show in July 2021.

McCain said everything fell apart after returning to the show after taking time off for maternity leave. she gave birth to a daughter release on Sept. 2020.

“I finally got back on the show,” McCain said, “and the day I got back on the show, Joy Behar said in the air, ‘Nobody misses you, we don’t miss you, you shouldn’t be coming back.'”

Indeed, the verbal spat all fell alive on the January 5 episode of The Perspective.

Behar’s comment was made after McCain interrupted her during a segment on Hot Topics, prompting Behar to shout, “”I’m talking!”

McCain laughed and replied, “Joy, I missed you so much when I was on maternity leave. I miss you so much. You miss fighting with me. Don’t act like you don’t miss fighting. to me.”

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