Why Meri Tries to Get Kody & Robyn’s Approval

Meri and Kody Brown have a chaotic journey with Sister Wives. Fans think Meri is trying to get the good out of Kody and Robyn in season 16.

Historically, Meri Brown got the short end of the stick Sister Wives, but fans think the reality star is trying to get back to Kody and Robyn’s good graces. Meri is abandoned by Kody because she chose to spend romantic time with her fourth sister-in-law, Robyn, but Kody’s original polygamous partner was all-in to her spiritual marriage throughout the pandemic. From following Kody’s strict COVID instructions to choosing to spend the holidays with her husband instead of her daughter, this is why Sister Wives Fans failed in the effort Meri made won against Kody and Robyn.


Kody and Meri’s marriage was on thin ice most of the time the Brown family starred. Sister Wives. Originally married in 1990, viewers noticed that Kody and Meri’s relationship began to deteriorate when the patriarch married Robyn in 2010. Although this was not the end of their spiritual relationship, Kody’s decision to divorce was Meri to legally marry Robyn symbolizes the end of Kody and Meri’s lovelife. For the past decade, Meri felt unloved by Kody, she resorted to starting relationships with strangers online. Kody even said he regrets marrying Meri and the couple are just friends.

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Kody gave Meri a little affection that fans had been expecting the original sister -in -law to leave him for many years now. While there are many enthusiastic viewers who believe that Meri should follow Christine’s lead and leave her polygamist partner, Meri did not show any signs to separate from Kody in season 16. Instead, Meri is more determined than ever to win back her spiritual husband, even though he shows little or no interest in her. Specifically, Meri put more effort into getting Kody’s good side of the whole coronavirus pandemic. Kody is not famous for the strict COVID protocol he has implemented in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading in the family. While Janelle and Christine Brown argue that Kody’s rules are too strict and divide the family, Meri faithfully follows the list of requirements.

Meri Brown frowned at Sister Wives

The main reason why Meri works so hard to follow all of Kody’s challenging COVID rules is to spend a lot of time with the patriarch, Robyn, and their children. Meri is so determined to be with Kody and Robyn, she chooses to spend Thanksgiving with the polygamous couple instead of her daughter. In response to Meri taking a dig of Janelle and Christine choosing their children over Kody, a Reddit user shared, “Holy double standard Meri … [Janelle] and Christine is in their need. “ Fans thought Meri was trying really hard to impress Kody and Robyn. In commenting confessed, “Meri shuddered asking Robyn and Kody to recognize her.” Viewers are confused by Meri’s inconsistency as she threatens to leave the plural family in past times, but as a fan known, in season 16, “[Meri’s] who liked Kody like a student. “

Fans felt sorry for Meri for Kody’s poor treatment of her by the entire Brown family Sister Wives, but polygamist supporters are confused by his character in season 16. From mocking Janelle and Christine to supporting Kody’s unrealistic COVID-19 guides, viewers can’t ignore Meri’s attempts to prove her loyalty to Kody and Robyn. Hopefully, Meri will receive the validation she has always sought from the pair Sister Wives star.

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