Why Only One Bad Bone Clone Follows Order 66

The clone commandos of The Bad Batch refuse to follow Order 66, except for one – why did only one squad member win his brainwashing?

Warning: SPOILERS for The Bad Batch series premiere.

on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the orders of Clone Force 99 refused to obey Order 66 and later fled the Empire, except for one squad member: Crosshair. The introduction to the animated series centers on the Bad Batch who become refugees in the newly formed Galactic Empire. Crosshair, a former sniper in the Bad Batch, is tasked by the Empire to find his former friends because of their opposition. Since all of his squads are all opposed to their brainwashing, what makes Crosshair different, and why he can’t maintain his freedom of choice when Order 66 was executed?

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Republic clone troops are officially an elite military force intended to fight alongside the Jedi in their war against the Separatist Alliance. In fact, clones were a very important element in the Sith conspiracy to eliminate the Jedi and make the Republic a powerful Empire. Despite their true purpose, the clones believed in democracy and exercised freedom of choice, naturally Order 66 was enforced by brainwashing. As embryos, all clones receive an implant that changes their personalities, corrupting them into the cruel, thoughtless obedient tools of the Sith and the Empire. Order 66 was finally a success, initiating the Jedi Purge and allowing the Empire to seize power unopposed.


As shown in The Bad Batch stage 1, “completion, “The Bad Batch assisted the Jedi and Kaller clone forces when Order 66 was activated. The standard clones (” regs “) immediately sent out their control chips and killed Jedi Master Depa Billaba. When he is padawan, Caleb Dume, fleeing his brain -washed friends, the Bad Batch confuses the whole situation, refusing to kill the baby Dume. Crosshair, on the other hand, chased after Dume and always tried to kill him – without success. Returning to Kamino, Crosshair showed the same personality change made by the regs, who supported Palpatine’s fascist regime and had no intention of following any orders, no matter how unethical they were. Tech explained that the squad changes (and, in Echo’s case, the cybernetic rebuild) avoided their chips, but Crosshair’s changes had no effect on him.

Crosshair and The Bad Batch

The original four members of the Bad Batch (and their secret fifth member, Omega) is fundamentally different from the rest of the Clone Army. Kaminos modified them in various ways to create super-soldier clones, but these changes came with the unintended effect of rendering their control chips useless. Crosshair’s vision was changed to make him the best sniper in the Republic’s military, but this change could be less troublesome than the mutation of the other commands, resulting in him becoming easily added of this, the impact of the Crosshair’s control chip isn’t quite as strong as the usual clones, so he probably resists it to a limited degree. It changes, however, when Tarkin ordered the Kaminos to boost the strength of his implant, Crosshair completely restrained himself.

Now fully controlled by the Empire, Crosshair will be one of the most deadly enemies of the Bad Batch. Not only is Crosshair a superhuman brand, but he is also familiar with the tactics and manners of his former squad teammates, who grew up with them and served them during the Clone Wars. As shown in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, however, a Clone Trooper can get their control chip removed, restoring their freedom of will and inevitably turn them back against the Empire. Crosshair may be following Order 66, but if his brother removes his chip, they can once again become allies, making for an interesting new dynamic. Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

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