Why Royal Family Fanatics Should Watch E!’s New Original Rom-Com

Who wouldn’t want to spend a week staying Prince William and Kate Middletonthe fairytale world?

The latest original rom-com by E! Royal Rendezvous gives fans a cheeky glimpse into the world of a fictional British aristocracy when LA chef Cat—played by Isabella Gomez—finds her world turned upside down after she’s invited to an Irish manor to cook for the local royal family.

For Gomez, the role was a dream come true. “I love rom-coms and growing up I always wanted to be the girl in a rom-com,” the 25-year-old exclusively told E! News, “so when it fell into my lap I was like, ‘Yes! Perfect!'”

As a laid-back SoCal native, Cat hilariously struggles to navigate the royal family’s strict rules and proper etiquette during her week-long assignment. Which is relatable to the actress. “I’m not really a person who fits into that world,” Gomez admits, “so I thought it would be fun to play in it.”

While the film pokes fun at the weight of family traditions, it also plays with rom-com tropes as Cat finds herself in, you guessed it, an unexpected love. triangle.

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