Why Still Marching Tall Life

I am in Washington, DC,. today ahead of tomorrow’s annual March for Life-the world’s largest gathering of individuals dedicated and dedicated to rescuing and protecting the most innocent among us.

Back on January 22, 1974 – the one -year anniversary of the terrible and unfortunate decision of Roe v. Wade – Washington attorney Nellie Gray led a morning of lobbying and an afternoon demonstration of more than 20,000 people on the steps of the Capitol. In response, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson stated:

“The Right to Life people do not accept the decision of the Supreme Court and continue to push to oppose it, overthrow it and bring it back.”

Planned Parenthood is wrong about countless things, but they were right then (and now) about our refusal to accept the killing of unborn children. Nearly half a century ago, our movement and dedication to this injustice was strong and growing. Out of 20,000 demonstrators on that cold afternoon in January of 1974, March each year consistently drew hundreds of thousands.

Even in the midst of the bitter cold and winter snow in Washington, why do we continue to “force resistance to it,” “overthrow it” and the campaign to “bring it back”?

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

We march every January because movement and opportunity give voice to the voiceless.

We march because it is always right to fight and try to correct the wrong-and it is always wrong to remain silent when the rights of others are trampled upon.

We march to call attention to the injustices of the past half century and put on defense those who advocate the unbridled killing of children.

We march so that the next generation of women will not be enslaved to a life of regret.

We march because we believe that abortion erases the future and eliminates boys and girls who grow up to be cancer-resistant men and women, inventing life-saving technologies, solving impossible problems. , create symphonies and help create a more beautiful culture and society. .

We are marching to show the world that there is a better way. We march to remind the world that every child is a desire, and every child in the future means someone’s world.

We march to make a difference and declare that life is better than death.

We march because doing something is better than not doing it.

If you can’t go to Washington tomorrow, I hope you’ll join us almost. Clicking HERE to watch and participate wherever you are.

In all of nearly 45 years, Focus on the Family has played a key role in this long and strong campaign. It was a privilege to work and interact with stalwarts like my friend Jeannie Mancini, who led the March for Life. If you think your unborn life support puts you in a unique partner – think again. You are not alone.

As I told a reporter last week, we cannot predict or guarantee the outcome of the pending Supreme Court case-but if we pray and work towards a culture of life, we deserve the outcome. when the day of rejoicing comes.

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