Why the Main Character of Eternals is Late in Casting

Even if Gemma Chan’s Series is the featured main character in Marvel’s Eternals, she’s among the last characters to be moved into the cosmic epic.

eternal Producer Nate Moore explains why the main character in the Marvel film, Gemma Chan Sersi, was added later in the process. After the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, MCU is about to introduce the latest superhero team with a huge epic on screen: eternal. Directed by Chloé Zhao, the millennia-spanning film will finally hit theaters next month after being delayed from last year. It will center on the titular Eternals, a group of cosmic creatures with incredible abilities tasked with guarding humanity from the shadows.

eternal mostly billed as an ensemble story, with A-list stars like Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek portraying the main characters. However, an Eternal was chosen as the primary leader: Sersi, as played by Gemma Chan. Sersi is described as an unusual superhero, where he draws his strength from his empathy and he is not the strongest member of the team. Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed him as such eternal‘lead back in April. Because of this, fans may be surprised to find out how long he has been casting.

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Early in 2020, Screen Rant one of the outlets that received the opportunity to visit the set at eternal on the last day of filming. In a talk with producer Nate Moore, the topic of Chan’s casting came up, and Moore explained that he wasn’t the first person they considered to play in Sersi, in part because of his previous role in Captain Marvel. Chan joined so late in the process that he was not with the cast members announced at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Moore said:

Sersi is a character we’ve seen for a long time and Gemma is also not the first person we think of, but as we read people and I remember the point where we said should we read Gemma, is that it? strange Will our audience join or will they say no? But we read him and he was perfect for us we said, well, let’s see. But you know I think if Minerva wasn’t blue I don’t know if we would have pulled that cause.

Series and Ikaris

Chan previously made his MCU debut on Captain Marvel playing with the blue skin color Minn-Erva. So many were surprised to hear that he would return eternal as a completely different character. However, as Feige says, it would have been a major missed opportunity if they hadn’t paid attention to Chan eternal just because of his past (and very different) role. As a result, Sersi’s casting is too late because Marvel’s vision is the best actor for the job.

Captain Marvel Chan’s talent hasn’t been taken advantage of, so it’s nice to know he’ll get a second shot of MCU glory eternal. In addition, playing Sersi will give Chan a chance to showcase even more Marvel projects on the line. It took a bit longer than expected participation in the Eternals, but it seems that the filmmakers feel that the wait is well worth it. Fans can see Marvel’s latest show on eternal if it comes in just a few weeks.

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