Why the “Sam’s Son” Case Horribly Came Without Further Theories

But Maury Terry retains other colorful aspects of the claims Berkowitz made in prison-such as when, in 1993, he said he actually killed Donna Lauria, Valentina Suriani and Alexander Esau, and the member of the satanic cult that his’ Participation in 1975 was responsible for other killings and some of the attacks, and actually helped plan every incident.

Berkowitz named Sam Carr’s sons, John and Michael, whom he was known to associate with Yonkers, as cult associates.

Both the Carr brothers died shortly after Berkowitz was fired – John, according to police, committed suicide just as they knocked on his door in North Dakota in 1978 and Michael the following year in a car accident.

Berkowitz published a book on North Dakota police bribery in 1979, writing in a margin, “Arliss [sic] Perry, Wanted, Chased and Slain. Followed by Calif. Stanford University “- an interview with Arlis Perry, a 19-year-old Stanford student from Peace Garden State who was murdered in October 1974, his crushed body was found placed inside Stanford Memorial Church. In 2018, police announced that they had finally shut down a suspect, 72-years-old Stephen Blake Crawford, a night watchman at Memorial Church when Perry was killed, but Crawford died shot himself officers arrive at his apartment to arrest him.

Terry wrote about the case in The Last Evil.

Meanwhile, in 1981, after seeing Terry’s reporting of him shown on TV, Berkowitz wrote to the reporter, saying, “The public will never believe you, no matter how well your evidence shows. . “

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