Why This Girl Says She “Destroys” Her Face With Cosmetic Surgery

Bond girl Britt Ekland there is a warning story about going under the knife.

The Swedish actor, starring in 1974 James Bond MOVIES The Man with the Golden Barrel, said Platinum Magazine in a recent interview he swore plastic surgery after undergoing a “lip-plumping” procedure in his younger years.

“Everyone has the right to choose,” Ekland explained to the outlet. “I did all that in my 50s, but I won’t consider it again. I have no desire to look any different than I am.”

Agreed to Platinum, the 78-year-old star described lip augmentation as the “most common mistake” of her life. “It was like my face was damaged,” he admitted.

In fact, Ekland has no interest in continuing his search for the Fountain of Youth. Describing himself as a “complete realist,” the Take Carter The star explained, “I’m not a dreamer, and aging happens to everyone. There’s no point in complaining about it or I want you to change. We’re all going in one direction and we can’t do anything about that. . taking care of yourself while on that journey. ”

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