Why We’re Thankful for Jeffrey and Ina Garten’s Delicious Love Story

When the salesman called and surprisingly accepted his “so low” offer, “I just remember going, ‘Oh, s–t,'” Ina said, laughing, in PBS Newshour in 2017. “What have I done?!”

While she has a background in business, this is her first career move involving food, her first experience only coming from being a home cook. But, Ina remembered Sunday Sitting, Jeffrey gave him “the best advice anyone could get: ‘If you like it, you’re good at it.’ I like it, that’s why I do it.”

In hindsight, he said, “It was incredible courage of him to put everything we had behind it.

Ina sold the store in 1996 (then she moved it to a larger location in East Hampton), crediting its success to the festive atmosphere she created from day one with loud music playing constantly, complimentary coffee and many other things for his customers. sample. Armed with a well-heeled clientele, plenty of good buzz and a savvy publicist, his 1999 publishing debut, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbooka hit.

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