Why You Can’t Type Between Us

After a recent update to Our Us, some players have discovered that they can no longer type in the game. Here’s why this happens and how to fix it.

The last major update for Between Us brings Airship, the game’s most popular map since, but the game’s social reduction continues to get fewer updates since. Any hour an update for Between Us releases, there are always bugs or other problems to keep calm. Sometimes, this is meant to be discovered by players that they can’t type Between Us already – but there are always other explanations as well. Here’s why it can be looked at Between Us removed chat features, and how to fix them.

In addition to Airship, developer InnerSloth added updates with color changes, 15-player lobby, and a revamped art style. The company is also making several new chat options as security measures, which may help explain why users can’t type. Between Us. In fact, not being able to type chat inside the game always comes down to what different account people are using.

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There is actually a very good reason why it should show up Between Us deleted chat features. When it comes to the Airship update, it also comes with one new account system for Between Us. Signing up for an account is completely free, but it’s also completely optional. However, users can play guests in Guest Mode and avoid registering for an account altogether. However, this is probably the main reason players are unable to type Between Us if trying to use game chat.

How To Fix Between Us’ Typing In Chat Problem

Between Us Quickchat Is Better Than Typing

For any users playing Between Us in Guest Mode, chat typing is not possible. Instead, they have to communicate by using Quickchat’s new wheel, which displays a long list of previously made answers, questions, and more. Alternatively, users who have signed up for an account but are under the age of 13 should also use the Quickchat wheel as an added safety measure. That is, if players are unable to type Between Us that is, this is the reason.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix for players over the age of 13 who don’t want to use Between UsThe look of Quickchat. To start typing chat again, users just need to create a free account, sign in, and use it to play. This will allow you to type chat once again-and for players who prefer not to type Between Us and use Quickchat instead, but still have an account, they can easily keep that new look as an option as well.

While a big focus on Between UsThe most recent updates are changes and improvements to the maps and design of the crew members, some of the smaller details (such as the account system) may be missing. respect for the fans. Thankfully, you can type in the chat Between Us a simple fix and a completely free option for users over the age of 13. So for anyone who can’t type Between Us, the most likely reason is because they were playing the game while using Guest Mode.

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