Why You Shouldn’t Expect Carmy & Sydney To Link Up With The Bear

The Bear not interested in a little workplace romance.

In the first season of the FX series, the famous chef Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, returned to Chicago to run his family’s Italian beef shop. Once there, he meets Sydney, played by Come on Edebirian eager chef who started working in the shop under Carmy.

As their relationship grows, their chemistry becomes as hot as spicy giardiniera—leading many viewers to wonder if Carmy and Sydney will ever say “yes, chef” to a romantic relationship.

However, those rooting for Mr. Beef should prepare themselves for disappointment.

“I know there are people who are very invested in that,” Ayo said different“and I understand and I appreciate it, but that’s not for me.”

Jeremy is on the same page, saying, “No! No one has ever talked about it.”

Before you wonder if Ayo and Jeremy are experts in misdirection, the creative team behind it The Bear insisted that there are no plans to cook anything intimate between the two.

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