Will Smith sends an apology to Michael Bay for the Bad Boys Shirtless Scene

Will Smith sent a ridiculous apology to Michael Bay, acknowledging the director’s advice to go shirtless for a 1995 action scene in Bad Boys.

Will Smith sends a humorous apology to Michael Bay in the form of his new book with a specific inscription. Smith and Bay first worked together in 1995 Bad Boys, a buddy-cop action film directed by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. The action movie launched Smith into superstardom, shedding his Fresh Prince image and leading roles in mega hits such as Independence Day and Men In Black. Bad Boys was also Bay’s first film, which in turn launched his career, leading the way The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys II and the Transformers franchise.

Smith recently published an autobiography titled Carry On which recounts his personal life and career in Hollywood, marking the various moments that led to his superstardom. One of the stories is his experience worked with Bay on Bad Boys, especially in a series of chases down the streets of Miami in broad daylight. Bay wants Smith to be topless as he runs down the street with a gun, chasing the bad guys who recently kidnapped his co-star, Tea Leoni. Smith couldn’t resist the idea, but Bay’s persistence led to a compromise in which Smith would wear an open button, exposing his chest. After the sequence was shot, Bay happily yelled at Smith that he had just been made the star of the film.


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In the new video posted by Bay on his Instagram, the director was seen with a copy of Smith’s book, which he said was a gift from the actor, opening it to reveal an inscription that could be read “All right, Michael. You’re right, I was wrong!” Bay jokingly responded to the video, saying it “Looks like apologizing” for Smith running his shirt half and “make him a movie star.” This is a fun video, marking the impact both Bay and Smith had on each other’s careers as a result of Bad Boys, making them two stars in all accounts. Watch the video below:

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Bay and Smith teamed up again on Bad Boys II in 2003, but have yet to collaborate again. In 2020, Smith returned to the franchise for Bad Boys For Life, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who is now working on the new Batgirl salida. Bay is scheduled to be released Ambulance this year, an action film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Smith ends the slave drama release from director Antoine Fuqua with several projects lined up to follow, including a real life gangster pic The Council from his give up director Peter Landesman.

Both Michael Bay and Will Smith have been powerhouse Hollywood players ever since Bad Boys and it will be interesting to see how far they have come to this point. Smith makes it to the point worthy of an autobiography recounting a pivotal moment for both of them, highlighting a creative decision that led to their success. It’s amazing to think how a small thing can cause something so big, even if it’s just a matter of removing a shirt while running. This gave Smith iconic status as an action star and proved that Bay knew how to create action sequences, opening the doors for the two of them to continue their journey from Hollywood to the unique heights.

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Source: Michael Bay/Instagram

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