Willie Nelson and Michael McDonald Cover “Dreams of San Joaquin” for Migrant Worker benefit: Listen

Michael McDonald, Willie Nelson, and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos collaborated for a rendition of “Dreams of San Joaquin.” The song-written by Randy Sharp and Jack Wesley Routh and famously sung by singers such as Linda Ronstadt and Kenny Rogers-was released by Bandcamp Friday to enjoy SITUATION (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) and the United Workers in America. Find it below.

“The migrant farm worker is as responsible if not more so for maintaining our country’s position as one of the largest agricultural economies in the world,” Michael McDonald said in a statement. The work that falls on their shoulders allows farmers to bring produce to our stores and food to our tables at a reasonable price. COVID destroyed this quadrant of unequal American workers. RAICES and the United Farm Workers Union are working hard to bring vaccine awareness and financial assistance to provide distribution to the demographic it has severely hit by COVID-19. ”

“It’s a collaboration of love and a prayer for understanding,” Willie Nelson added. It sends a message of hope that we should all hear. I’ve always loved Mike’s voice and I’m excited to talk it over with him and my son Micah. ”

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