Willow Co-Showrunner Issues Statement on Series’ Disney+ Removal

Willow co-showrunner Jonathan Kasdan issued a statement regarding Remove Disney + in the original series, co several other shows and movies.

What did the co-showrunner of Willow say about the removal of Disney +?

Done Twitter, Kasdan said that although he was keeping quiet about the news that Willow was fired, he was “kinda into it.” The co-showrunner went on to explain that he grew up when Disney movies were periodically released and not available to own. According to Kasdan, this “makes them … more special.”

In a follow-up tweet, he said that while he’s worried about “a lot of things,” he’s not worried about Willow not being available again, either through Disney+ or another service. Finally, Kasdan says he’s grateful for all the love and encouragement.

Willow debuted on Disney+ in November 2022 and serves as a continuation of the story that began in Ron Howard’s 1988 film of the same name. The showrunners of the series are Wendy Mericle and Jonathan Kasdan while Ron Howard serves as executive producer. The series was pulled less than six months after debuting along with several other shows and series as a cost-cutting measure, just like before. first announced earlier this month in an earnings call.

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