Winning Bill Withers’ As I Am on Vinyl, Gibson Guitar, Sony Sound System

50 years ago, the world of soul music was changed when an unscrupulous worker in the assembly line was named 33 Bill Withers releases his debut album, So am I.. Now, a year after departure of legendary artist, The Opus podcast the redesign of that landmark LP in the near future.

Ahead of the new season’s debut on May 13th, we’re delivering a full load So am I. prize pack with everyone to talk to ’. Bitaw, we’re involved one (1) copy of So am I. on vinyl, but to sweeten things up, we made this Vinyl Me, Please exclusive galaxy red edition. That’s why you can hear “Grandma’s Hands” and “Isn’t Sunshine” in the absolute honesty they deserve that we’ve also added a complete sound system from Sony: one (1) PS-LX310BT turntable with Bluetooth connectivity, one (1) STR-DH190 stereo receiver, and two (2) speakers of the SS-Cs5 books.

Then, when you’re done listening to him, you can learn to play like Withers yourself. Gibson J-45 Studio Rosewood acoustic guitar. Features an old-fashioned natural color, a flatter fingerboard for faster play, a slimmer body for comfortable grip, and a Fishman Sonitone pickup for easier plug-and-play , this beautiful instrument is similar to the one played by Withers himself.

All of this can be yours by filling out the widget below. (Note: If you have trouble viewing the widget, log in HERE.)

Afterwards, make sure you subscribe The Opus so you can know all about the legacy of So am I. when will the new season begin this month.

Bill Withers As I Am The Vinyl, Guitar, and Sony Sound System

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