Wolf Eyes Announce New Album, Share New Songs: Listen

Experimental project based in Michigan Eyes of the Wolf announced a new album. Dreams of Scattered Lines arrives on May 26 via Warp PUBLISHED Disciples, which marks the 25th anniversary of the prolific group, now a duo of Nate Young and John Olson. Along with the announcement, Wolf Eyes shared three tracks from the LP. Listen to “My Whole Life,” “Engaged Withdrawal,” and “Days Decay” below. Also below, find a trailer for the album.

Dreams of Scattered Lines recorded following Wolf Eyes’ stay at New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. “We spent a lot of time in NYC during the residency but due to Covid we had limited access to the Library’s archives,” Wolf Eyes co-founder Nate Young said in a press release. “We spend 4-5 hours in the library and then go to the museums. The Met’s ‘Surrealism Beyond Borders’ exhibition was a big influence on this record. Learning about the spoken word of the Chicago Surrealists performed with musicians was inspiring and positive. While Surrealism often creates poetic and even humorous works, it is also considered a more serious weapon in the struggle for political, social, and personal freedom, and by many artists around the world.

“We started by continuing to explore the ideas of short sound collages with the same criteria as ‘hit singles.’ Using many of the ideas we built THE Difficult Messages consecutively, we started to see hit songs like terrariums: folding the idea of ​​music and sound that happened within the sound environment we created in the studio. The record begins with a Car Wash that includes a Short Hands track playing on the car radio while waves of white noise and contact microphones submerge buckets of water. The track was then played in a car while going through an actual car wash and finally layered and mixed in the studio. “

John Olson added: “Dreams of Scattered Lines is the latest in Wolf Eyes’ journey into the corners of the unknown electronic underground world. Thirteen razor-sharp exciting stories from the new duo Difficult Messages singles foray starting with an incredible ‘suite’ from ‘Radio Box’ to ‘Engaged Withdrawl’ and ending with the grim title track, here are Wolf Eyes at their most abstract yet decadent listening experience. For a group that prefers to invent genres rather than adhere to them, Dreams of Scattered Lines is the twisted road that leads another 25 years to an unquenchable love of unknown arcane electronic worlds. Music was dreamed in 242 BC and tragically born in 20042 AD”

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