Wolverine Leads New Marvel Comic As His OTHER Secret Identity

Covering up Wolverine’s Patch is one of the most interesting chapters in character history, and Marvel returns to that era this March!

Warning: there are preview images for Wolverine: Patch #1!

In the future Wolverine: Patch series from Marvel, Logan resurrects his famous “Patch” persona. The new five-issue miniseries will see legendary Wolverine scribe Larry Hama return to character in a new story that serves as the prequel to his favorite fan run. The first issue, which goes on sale in print and digital this March, will be illustrated by Andrea Di Vito, with covers by Geoff Shaw, Dan Jurgens, Skottie Young and John Romita Jr.

Throughout his long life, Wolverine is a lot identities and aliases: James Howlett, Logan, Weapon X and Patch, to name a few. In 1988, Marvel gave Wolverine his own ongoing series and in the first issue, he moved to the island country of Madripoor. There, in an effort to interact with the locals, Wolverine puts on an eyepatch and begins calling himself “Patch.” No one saw Wolverine’s “cover up” and the people of Madripoor welcomed him with open arms. Legendary writer Larry Hama took over the duties of writing issue 31 of the series and will guide Logan’s adventures over the next few years, becoming the same in character. Hama’s run is happily remembered by fans, and Hama has a chance to get back to that time in a recent issue of X-Men Legends. Today, Hama has teamed up with actress Andrea Di Vito to tell yet another new story, set in a classic era of Wolverine: Patch #1.


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Marvel’s requests in March revealed the new series, to be set before Hama begins his title run. Wolverine, going through “Patch,” has made a name for himself in Madripoor, and now he and his friend Archie are about to embark on a recon mission, one that is quick to go. in the south, became a full -fledged paramilitary operation. The secrets will be revealed in the miniseries, which will also feature a look from other popular eye-patch wearer: Nick Fury. The series promises to be enjoyed not only by fans of Hama’s classic Wolverine run, but new fans too. Look at the covers and ask for information below.

  • Variant Cover by DAN JURGENS
  • Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • ALL-NEW action, intrigue and espionage await you as legendary creator Larry Hama returns with a story set before his original run on WOLVERINE! The mutant known as LOGAN has made a name for himself on the mysterious island of MADRIPOOR, where he is known to the local PATCH. From their location in the PRINCESS BAR, what started as a simple recon mission landed PATCH and ARCHIE to the knee in a paramilitary struggle that would come out with some SURPRISE REVELATIONS and characters!
  • And is that NICK FURY, DIRECTOR OF SHIELD? Yes, two patches for the price of one! A must have for longtime readers, and a welcome entry point for new WOLVERINE readers!

Wolverine’s “Patch” persona ranks as one of the more interesting chapters in character history, coming at a time when the X-Men are presumed dead in the larger world. Wolverine needs the way to get down this season, and “Patch” provides the perfect way to do it. Larry Hama helped manage the character’s adventures this season, a run that Marvel’s hugely popular returns not just once, but twice in it — starting with X-Men Legends and now Wolverine: Patch.

The request makes these clear secrets from the past come to light — it affects Wolverine today? And what is Nick Fury’s role in this story? Readers need to know when Wolverine: Patch is on comic book store shelves this March.

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