Woman Files Wrong Death Suit After Losing Pregnancy

A woman says she lost her pregnancy after sustaining multiple injuries last year Astroworld The tragedy filed a wrongful death case against Travis ScottLive Nation, etc., Rolling Stone reports.

Dayton, Ohio couple Shanazia Williamson and Jarawd Owens were expecting a baby during the festivities, where a strong influx of people resulted in the trampling of most of the spectators. 10 people were arrested in the stampede died as a result of compression asphyxia.

“While attending the festival, Shanazia was trampled and crushed resulting in horrific injuries and ultimately the death of her unborn child by Jarawd,” Williamson’s case reads. “In addition, Shanazia sustained injuries to her shoulder, back, legs, chest, abdomen and other parts of her body.” The case, filed in December, includes defendants Scott, promoters of Live Nation and ScoreMore, security company Valle Services SMG, ASM Global, and the Harris County Sports and Convention corporation.

“The defendants’ failure to plan, design, manage, operate, staff, and manage the event was a direct and immediate cause of Shanazia’s injury and death of her and Jarawd’s unborn child, ”the lawsuit alleges. continued. The case also claims that the festival organizers neglected to provide inadequate security and medical personnel, as well as failed to recognize safety hazards.

Williamson’s case is one of hundreds of lawsuits filed against Astroworld organizers after the tragedy, but its circumstances present a unique question to the courts as it relates to the unborn. The couple’s attorneys declined to comment on the case, while defendants have always denied responsibility for the whole event. Scott, for now, is in the process of expulsion the cases of all, while the FBI joined the Houston Police Department in investigating the incident.

In March, Scott launched Project HEAL, a safety initiative aimed at empowering marginalized communities and improving the organization of large-scale events. This weekend, she will make her first awards show appearance since Astroworld when she performs on Billboard Music Awards.

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