Words of Healing, Source of Healing

One day, in her adulthood, Florence Littauer’s father invited her to a small room in the back of the small shop she had operated on for decades, going to a hiding place behind a straight piano on the wall. back, and took out an old box of tobacco. .

Inside are some articles he has published in the local newspaper. Until then, Florence had no idea that her father was a writer. He has yet to discover his true potential because no one is inspiring him.

He told Florence, “Your mother would always say, ‘You have no education. You don’t have to try to write. What if you try, and it doesn’t work well? We’re all embarrassed. ‘”And so, he rarely submits a newspaper editorial and then anxiously awaits each new edition, hoping to see his writing in print. When they published it, he would cut it out, put it in a small box of tobacco, and put it back in his hiding place.

After her death, Florence considered that little box a symbol of shattered dreams – things that would have been possible if someone had received a little encouragement.

He now describes encouragement as the gift of words. Encouragement can strengthen your marriage, improve your parenting, and form bonds of friendship that help your family thrive.

In our Family Broadcast Focus titled “Words of Healing, Source of Healing, ”We feature a recorded message by Florence Littauer that can help you inspire the people you love to discover their true potential.

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