X-Men’s Nightcrawler Has The Craziest Mindscape In Marvel Comics

An official preview for Marvel’s Way of X # 2 reveals that X-Men’s Nightcrawler has the fastest Mindscape seen in a Marvel comic book.

the X-Menthe Nightcrawler has the craziest mind of all Marvel Comics. The mutant race is wearing what seems, on its face, to be a utopian era. Heroes and villains alike reserve their differences to survive on the living island of Krakoa, building a mutant community that no longer lives in the shadow of death. However, like paradise like Krakoa, not all mutants are completely comfortable there.

No one is more unsettled than Nightcrawler, which inevitably begs the question of what it all means. “Every day, there is something new, amazing to believe,“Kurt told his friend Cyclops of X-Men # 7, “and all the cost was to suspend everything I once believed.“Nightcrawler’s Catholic faith has been shaken by the X-Men’s Resurrection Protocols, and he views the development of some aspects of mutant society, such as the brutal and violent Crucible, with serious concern. Kurt’s confusion leads him to Charles Xavier’s Omega- level son, Legion, and he doesn’t know. investigating Xavier’s darkest secrets.

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Now, The CBR published an official preview for By X # 2, by Spurrier and Bob Quinn, and it sees Legion enter Nightcrawler’s conflicting mind. It gives viewers a stunning glimpse into Nightcrawler’s Mindscape, a visual representation of the conflict that is within his heart, and amazes the Legion almost as much as readers do.

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While Legion looks forward to a Mindscape full of religious iconography, longtime readers are thrilled to see Kurt’s Mindscape that he even proposes himself to be a swashbuckler at heart. But it is important to remember that these images should not be separated from his belief, when The nightcrawler dies and goes to heaven he bothered to fight his pirate father Azrael. It’s important to note that the ship wrecked a sunken kraken, representing the uncomfortable philosophy Kurt felt for Krakoa, and the fact that he felt everything he once believed was wrecked. Various aspects of his psyche, the ones like Nightcrawler living in Kurt’s Mindscape, have no power in the face of this monster, as Kurt feels unable to center himself on Krakoa.

It’s hard not to see this image and realize that Krakoa is essentially destroying Nightcrawler, threatening to consume his entire sense of self and force him to be new. The image will both excite readers and leave them nervous because the current range of X-Men comics seem to exist just forgot who Nightcrawler mao gyud, so a promise of dramatic change may be distracting to fans because there’s no doubt that Nightcrawler himself.

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