X-Men’s Psylocke Spends Thirty Years Killing His Worst Enemy

X -Men’s Psylocke is in a nightmare cycle, killing someone closest to him – and farthest away from – every day, for thirty years.

Warning: there is an accompanying preview for Hellions # 11!

the X-Menthe Psylocke spent only thirty years killing his worst enemy. A new preview for the upcoming Marvel Comic Hells # 11 revealed what was in Psylocke’s personal psychological torture room. His background has come back to scare him, but he won’t go without a fight – even if the fight lasts three decades.

Kwannon, also known as Psylocke, and Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock, the now Captain Britain, have a long history together. The two exchanged bodies in the 1980s, with Kwannon apparently dying soon after. Only now can they return to their own bodies and lives. However, this exchange did not come without hardship, emotional and psychological injuries, and some resentment in both.

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Now, X-Men enemy Mastermind, on orders from the villainous Arcade, has captured Hellion and tortured each of them with their most horrible fear and the darkest part of their past. In a preview from Marvel Comics, it is revealed that the dark illusion Psylocke once trapped in the Mastermind accompanied by killing someone he was in some ways closest to-over and over again. All this to get Mr. Sinister (team manager, if not exactly leader) to do Arcade a major favor. This new issue from Zeb Wells, Stephen Segovia, David Curiel, and Ariana Maher will highlight the wounds of the most underused mutant team in comics. Check out the summary and preview page here.

SOMETIMES A WONDERFUL… PSYLOCKE vs. BETSY BRADDOCK in a 30 year battle! The mistakes EMPATH made came back to scare him! And MR. SINISTER’s toothache. What’s going on here ?!

Hellions 11 Psylocke cover

Trapped in the illusion of Mastermind, Psylocke spent three decades dealing with the ghost of his yesterday – his own body snatcher. Excalibur # 19 recently seen Captain Britain and Psylocke finally make peace of what happened to them. Betsy still struggles with the grave guilt of stealing Psylocke’s life, while Kwannon struggles to regain her morale and place in the world. While Betsy also built her life as Captain Britain – a moniker she once wore – Psylocke rejoiced at the emotional and mental damage the world had replaced, her identity was considered to be one that was not often used. wise. Thanks to Mastermind, Psylocke has lived the thirty years Betsy has been looking for. “Every day,” he explained, “He came to get me. To make me nothing once more.”

Hellions 11 preview page 3

It’s up to trust when this event will happen compared to this past Excalibur # 19, the perspective on the struggle may vary. If Betsy and Psylocke have already reconciled with each other, this illusion proves that Psylocke’s pain and confusion are still going on. However, without them, it shows how far Psylocke has traveled before reaching a stage of acceptance. It took him three years to cut out Betsy’s versions, even if only to remove her corpses. He fights a long battle that may lead him to realize that his anger is futile. Even if this illusion takes place before or after the recent confrontation of the heroes, Psylocke has a lot to do, and to arrive at John Greycrow, he is not the only one.

Greycrow enters Psylocke’s illusion life after he calls it back. Hellions # 10. He has wounds of his own that he fights, as he tries to deal with a yesterday that made him a murderer, even if that’s not what he wants. Greycrow’s personal hell – revealed later issue – is thrown back on the battlefield where murder portrays him as a hero to everyone except himself. If he has indeed reached out to Psylocke, then he has found a way to avoid his own torture and may be the only person who can help him to avoid him. When Hellions # 11 hit sellers May 5, the X-Menmost damaged hero will continue to face their own hells. Camel, Psylocke able to let go of his fear long enough to save his team.

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