Yakuza Remains Turn-Base RPG Series After Like A Dragon

The makers of Yakuza from Ryu ga Gotoku have revealed the future of the franchise with RPG elements, following in the footsteps of Sama in a Dragon.

Action players may be disappointed to learn that Yakuza The series will continue with the turn-based RPG system. Yakuza: Like a Dragon a huge success, got a lot of attention for fresh take on Yakuza franchise. It was nominated at The 2020 Game Awards for best RPG, bringing both critical and commercial success to its publisher. Sega, and developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studios, as backing that success with plans for future Yakuza games, revealed in a conversation that the next iterations will look more similar. Yakuza: Like a Dragon than previous installments.

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The trailer is for Lost Judgment just dropped, revealing incredible graphic improvements and a series of stories that follow in this spin-off Judgment. The release date has already been confirmed and next Yakuza the game arrives on September 24, 2021, for both and now next gen consoles. This epic action-mystery delves deeply into martial arts Ryu ga Gotoku’s signature action gameplay. The story will follow Yagami’s path to uncovering the truth behind a horrific murder, as he fights to find answers. The emphasis is on “fight,” because players have direct control over the actions of the game character. Fans who like this game may be disappointed to hear the developer’s plans for the future. Yakuza games.

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Agreed to IGN, ang Judgment The franchise is just testing the Yakuza series (at least for a while) in action-style style, while developers will work to replicate the success of Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Future games will be adapted with turn-based RPG elements in the 2020 release, following Ichiban Kasuga, who was jailed by his former boss for 18 years.

Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nahoshi and producer Kazuki Hosokawa explain in a conversation that Lost Judgment is the primary example in the company’s action style gameplay, a factor in everything the studio has known about action gameplay over the years. However, the Judgment Only the franchise will be the torchbearer of that style of gameplay, as of the future Yakuza the games will turn away from it. the Yakuza series will provide a turn-based RPG style, taking success in Like a Dragon as inspiration.

The Yakuza series has been transformed into a turn-based RPG, “Confirmed by interview makers.”We decided we were going to bring our signature action gameplay to life through Lost Judgment. ”The option may not be acceptable to those who hate turn-based RPG style, however, gameplay style lovers should be excited. Like a Dragon likely to get sequences, continued on Yakuza story with a new take on the gameplay.

For those concerned with premium action-style gameplay in Ryu ga Gotoku, Lost Dragon It’s only a few months away, and it’s set to have a lot of action, danger, and martial arts to accomplish that need. Even if the trailer focuses on the story, it presents plenty of opportunities for fans to release some steam into the virtual world as they search for answers in dangerous areas.

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Lost Judgment will be available Sept. 24 for Xbox One, Series X / S, and PlayStation 4/5.

Origin: IGN, Xbox / Youtube

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