Yara gives an Insight into Her usual IG Makeup

Since many 90 Day Fiancé fans love Yara’s makeup, she created a quick makeup tutorial on her Instagram. His routine is simple and strange to look at.

Beautiful girl 90 Day Fiancé Cast member Yara Zaya recently shared an Instagram post revealing how she does her makeup, with short clips showcasing a step-by-step approach to how she looks so good. on camera. The native Ukrainian has emerged as a fashion icon in 90 Days fiance franchise after its debut. She always dresses to attract and does her makeup in a way that suits her skin and look at the same time. Due to popular demand, she also acquired her own clothing brand called Yara Zaya.

Almost all of the clothes she wore to the show are available on her website in all sizes. Although some 90 Days fiance Fans know the prices of the clothes are too expensive, some think Yara’s style is very worth the cost. Fans also noticed that Yara quickly dropped all of her baby’s weight. the 90 Day Fiancé the star recently posted stunning photos of the beach with her 8-month-old daughter, Mylah, where her body looks beautiful.

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After sharing some workout tips with fans, the 25-year-old beauty is now sharing her makeup secrets on Instagram. She received a makeup kit from a brand called Planta. She did her makeup while wearing khaki shorts and a loose-fitting gray shirt. She started by applying eyeliner and mascara, and then applied bronzer to highlight her cheekbones. She took the box of lots of pink roses out of the box and applied them to her cheeks and lips. To hide the makeup, she put the perfect powder on her cheeks and lips. Yara immediately put on her low-hung earrings, adjusted her dress and enjoyed a photoshoot outside. As she did her first makeup brand sponsorship. He gave a shout out to Planta in his caption and also shared a 40% discount code. examining INJURIESvideo tutorial here:

more 90 Days fiance fans loved Yara’s makeup and left comments like, “You make it easy to apply eyeliner,“”You were so beautiful on the show. Definitely refreshing! and Nice dress, I like this kind of chic on the outside, like the colorless look,“ug”Your skin looks flawless – I’m jealous !!“Some fans have also noticed that Yara looks different in the video. The rising reality TV star says she looks different because she just gave birth. Another critic left one negative comment asking, “What’s wrong with your face ???“The new mommy found that this comment wasn’t really good and came back,”What is your problem?

Many female fans have also asked Yara how she stays fit and what she does to keep her small body. Her husband Jovi Dufren, recently revealed the secret diet Yara follows and asked her to follow. the new parents to 90 Days fiance franchise following a seafood diet. They only eat chicken, fish and shrimp to maintain a healthy weight.

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