You are the Season 4 Analyst of Joe Filling Many Holes in His Heart

IKA showrunner Sera Gamble opens parts of season 4, revealing that viewers will witness Joe Goldberg trying to fill the emptiness he feels.

Warning: This article contains hacking content for You time 3

you Showrunner Sera Gamble sheds light on what the season looks like in the popular thriller. Consistent with Caroline Kepnes ’books, the series initially explores the troubled mind of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he searches for his true love. In season 1, Joe wants Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) but their relationship ends in tragedy. you season 2 welcomes Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). At first, she seemed like the perfect romantic partner. However, at the end of the season, things will also turn towards tragedy. The show continues this template for its third release, which will be available Joe and Love moved to the suburbs and trying to raise their infant son.

This formula proved to be a success for the thriller, which was acquired by Netflix and experienced an increase in popularity before its second year. Critics praised the series for its ability to weave through social criticism of its pointless scenarios, an aspect that fans also praised. you also, to this day, have always found a way to raise the stakes each new season. Now that’s it you Updated for season 4, many questions about where Joe’s later story is.

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Gamble, who also co -worked you with Greg Berlanti, said in an interview with Tigbangi that in the future will see Joe try to fill the void after the losses he suffered at the end of season 3. Gamble means, in particular, the fact that Joe has moved to Paris and is thinking of a new birth after life in the suburbs to go burning. Read his quote below.

“I think Joe in Paris is happy. The idea that he cares about fashion, for example, would be really ridiculous. No, that’s not what we do. I feel like Season 3 was a time of a lot of loss and tragedy for him. .And we left him lost or feeling that he had to let go of everything he thought was true.So the story from here, if we tell it, is about how he got any of that or how he found- the rest, because if the Joe you meet at the first pilot scene, where the bell rings in the book shop, and after the woman wearing that dress, if he has a hole to want he fills his heart, now he wants 17. So we’ve been together longer, so there’s a lot to know about his luggage, right? So I think that’s a lot to explore . ”

Penn Badgley in YOU Season 3

you end of season 3 by showing that Joe has moved to Paris, part of which seeks out Marienne (Aunt Gabrielle), his latest fixation. But it’s possible that if Gabrielle shows up in season 4, it’ll only be for a few episodes. Along with recent comments from Badgley, who noticed that you not about an assassin, as the thriller may be pivoting from Joe’s first conception as a mostly villainous avatar for a certain kind of privilege.

In terms of the longevity of the show surviving, of course, it’s reasonable to want the main character to be something more than a note counter. But it remains the case that Joe kills a lot of people and behaves in utterly reprehensible ways at other times. It will be interesting to see how you discusses the reality of going forward and whether it is truly possible to continue to progress while remaining true to who its protagonist really is.

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