You New Luke Gage Says Penn Badgley Is Like Joe

In November, Cardi B received a letter from Joe Goldberg.

“Hello, You … My stalking and killing might make me a certified freak, seven days a week, but it also brings me to … you,” it began, borrowing lyrics to Cardi B’s song “WAP. ” “Cardi B, there’s a way on social media. You’re meaningful. Substantive. I just like you. You’re real and nuanced … like your music. You keep me on my fingers, the left ones, at least. You’re not put in a cage, and it invigorates. “

The letter is the culmination of a social media lovefest between Cardi and real -life Penn Badgley.

Cardi is a fan of Penn and the show she is puts up an idea for season four.

“So this is episode 1 and I was at Paris Fashion week closing it out! I turned around and there stood YOU. Ok finish it @netflix,” she tweeted.

We can’t wait to see if Netflix takes Cardi off her offer.

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