You Will Be Amazed To Know How Mandy Moore Was Blonde

Mandy Moore gave birth to Baby No. 1!

Mandy Moore he looks better Princess Diaries character than him over the years.

As scrunchies and flared pants are back in style, it looks like Mandy is also embracing 2000 trends too!

the Now We The star, 37, brings us all the first aghts of her latest ‘do, revealing this week that she’s back blonde. Even if she is a natural blonde, it is the lightest her hair has had in over 15 years.

It goes without saying: Her latest look was a time machine that took us through her “Candy” days. The first time Mandy actually embraced a brunette for her role was in 2002 A Walk to Remember, said Fun every week in 2017 that dark dye “changed.” He added, “For the most part, I can’t go back.” Until now!

Mandy turned to her colorist Nikki Lee, the co-owner of the favorite celebrity at Nine Zero One Salon, to try out a new shade of blonde this week.

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