Your Amazing End to New York Children: January 14-16

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Your Amazing End to New York Children: January 14-16

It’s never too early to start planning for another amazing New York City weekend! Take the family on a vacation to a winter lodge or resort, check out The Christian Dior Exhibit, or grab a delicious hot chocolate to stay warm!

Are you looking for more fun activities to do this winter? behold Winter Activities: Online or In-Person, Here’s how the classes progress!

Visit the Vale Rink and Winter Village at Westlight Opens

William Vale | Details

This iconic rink and winter village is now open for New Yorkers to enjoy this winter! Located on the 23rd Floor Outdoor Rooftop, Visitors will be able to skate around while also gazing at the beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. Be sure to warm up and enjoy delicious food and drink by reserving your own private heated chalets!

Travel to a Winter Lodge or Resort

Near NYC | Details

Booking a stay at a Winter Lodge or resort is the perfect option for a vacation this season! There are many different places outside of NYC that offer fun and exciting activities that are perfect for the whole family. Whether you want to spend a weekend skiing or tubing or just want to sit by the pool or get a much-needed day at the spa, these resorts have all of that and more!

Stop and Get Hot Chocolate

Citywide | Details

We all know these winter months can be very cold and one of the easiest ways to stay warm is to grab a cup of hot chocolate! Luckily for us New Yorkers, there are many shops and restaurants located around the city that sell traditional and unique hot chocolate.

The PAW Patrol Experience ™ at Hudson Yards at CAMP


Join some of your kids ’favorite puppies to take part in this a unique shopping experience at the CAMP store in Hudson Yard! Your kids will be able to participate in environmental themes, games, and activities, making this the perfect weekend activity to try out. Tickets go fast so make sure you book yours on the CAMP website before you go!

Walking the Long Walking Line

14th St., 23rd St., and 30th St. | Details

These special winter walks allow you to see the story behind this famous park while being guided on a free tour! You will learn about the history, design, and scenery of the park while also looking at some beautiful scenery. The tours are first come first serve and each lasts 45 minutes.

Construction and Indoor Fort


It can be hard in the Winter months to have to stay inside all the time. Try to make this time memorable and fun by creating an interior wall! Whether you’re looking for a wall that you can buy online or you want to try making one with the supplies you already have, this activity can be fun for the whole family to get involved.

Check out the Christian Dior Exhibit

Brooklyn Museum | Details

Christian Dior is known to be one of the most sought after designers in the fashion industry, and now you can see some of her beautiful creations in person! With 200 garments on display, visitors will also see photographs, sketches, archival video and accessories. This exhibit will last until February 20,2022 and tickets can be purchased at their website.

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