Your First Look at the Queer Eye Season in New Orleans

Every member of The Fab Five an expert in a specific field — Antoni is food and wine, Karamo is culture and lifestyle, Jonathan is posture, Bobby is design and Tan is fashion — and every stage shows crews spending a week with an individual, often with a different lifestyle. or cultural beliefs rather than group, because the cast uses their different skills to improve that person’s life.

Trust us, we’re not joking about bad crying.

Since the show — a reboot of the original Terrible Eye broadcast on Bravo from 2003 to 2007 — launched in 2018, the professional life of the core five skyrocketed.

Antoni has published two cookbooks and will host the upcoming Netflix Easy-Cooking WarKaramo launching his own daytime talk show in September, Jonathan appeared in his own series on Netflix CuriosityBobby appeared in the sixth season of The Mask Singer and Tan is Netflix’s co-host Next to Fashion (in addition to hosting the salacious Sunset sale reunion).

For your first look at what the boys will do next, check out these images from the New Orleans-based seventh season of Terrible Eye:

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