Yuffie’s Part in the FF7 Remake Part of the Original Final Fantasy 7

The FF7R Episode INTERmission DLC has two chapters starring Yuffie, but how much does it take from the story of Final Fantasy 7?

The story of Final Fantasy 7 Transformation different from in Final Fantasy 7, which raises the question of how close the future is FF7 INTERmission DLC could be Yuffie’s story in the original game. Yuffie is an option party member of FF7, but he was given a role in almost every other related media.

Yuffie was spotted as a child of Zack Fair at the events of Final Fantasy 7: Cause of the Crisis, as he met him in the last days of the war with Wutai. Afterwards he meets Final Fantasy 7’s Turks during the events of Before the crisis, and inadvertently aided them in their struggle against the original incarnation of the Avalanche. The fact that they are Yuffie and Vincent are not optional party members FF7 means they are not included in any cutscenes, including the finale. Dirge with Cerberus confirmed that they both helped to get rid of Midgar before it was hit by the Meteor. on Towards a Smile, Yuffie’s story involves his quest on the planet for the cure for the disease Geostigma. He then helps Cloud with the events of Advent Children before taking on a major role in Dirge with Cerberus.

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That’s Yuffie’s canonical storyline, but whatever FF7 of himself? Yuffie can be found earlier in The Mythril Mine in Final Fantasy 7, but he only has a role to play in finding the Wutai side, which is an option. Yuffie and Vincent both have coincidental moments in the dialogue FF7 to link them to the story, in addition to their unique side quest. This means that the developers of FF7 Transformation there is plenty of wiggle room in the entry DLC for FF7 Transformation.

Final Fantasy 7: No Yuffie’s Story

Yuffie Final Fantasy 7 Change Cover Upgrade

the entry The DLC adds two more chapters on FF7 Revision, same run next to the main story. Both chapters star Yuffie as he undertakes a perilous mission in the town of Midgar. All in all entry new and will not connect to anything with the original FF7 or any other piece of FF7-connected media. the entry story is all unique plot, and real FF7 Transformation going in a new direction means having the potential to do some weird things.

Yuffie has confirmed that he will do so Cloud’s encounter Changes to FF7: entry, which is quite different from the original story. It is possible that Yuffie met the Avalanche in a forest outside Midgar in successive FF7 Revision, to reflect the events of FF7, but the context of the meeting will vary. It’s unclear how Yuffie’s story will play out in the future, but it’s gratifying to see him elevated to the main character status and play an important role in the story.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade and the FF7R Episode INTERmission DLC will be available for the PS5 on June 10, 2021.

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