Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares Date Better Than You Think

Zac Efron and Vanessa valladares dating before making their relationship public.

While the High School Music star and the Australian model, which has recently been called this cessation, mga first photographed holding hands in September 2020, they actually came together “higher than people know,” according to palace and radio host Zac Kyle Sandilands. In fact, eagle eye fans discovered a comment about Zac on Vanessa Instagram page from last year.

In the social media post, originally shared in December 2017, Vanessa can be seen putting on a bikini in Bexhill, New South Wales. And while she limits her Instagram comments to those close to her, there was a comment from March 17, 2018 that read, “Take care god bless you and zac.xx,” that seemed to confirm that their relationship had begun. years before the world knew it

While mentioning the aforementioned Instagram comment on Kyle and Jackie O Show, Kyle shared new details about the timeline of Zac and Vanessa’s relationship, writing that “it’s just not new.”

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