Good Burger 2 Officially Announced, Kenan Thompson Issues Statement

After months of rumors and fans hoping it would happen, a sequel to the 1997 film Good Burger starring Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell has been officially greenlit by Paramount+.

The news was revealed by Thompson and Mitchell during Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, with Mitchell excitedly shouting the catchphrase “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger,” before announcing the news.

According to the report from differentfilming on the project will begin in May, with plans to debut it on their Paramount+ streaming service sometime in 2023.

“I can’t believe it’s been over 25 years since Good Burger’s great customer service was born!” Thompson said in a statement. “Being a part of something loved by so many generations of people makes me proud and now to be back where everything started to work in real time! Want to perform with my brother Kel and I can’t wait to show fans what these characters have been up to since we last saw them.”

The concept of Good Burger originally from the Nickelodeon sketch series That’s all and saw Mitchell star as Ed, an employee at a fast food restaurant known as Good Burger. The sketch became so popular that it was made into a film in 1997, starring Thompson and Mitchell as fast food chain employees who find themselves wrapped up in a massive conspiracy. The film didn’t make a ton of money but became a cult classic.

While it is not clear what the Good Burger 2 show the plot, Mitchell had some ideas about what it was like last year. In an interview with ComingSoon, Mitchell challenged the possibility that Ed is running Good Burger now and sees “a new generation” of employees working at the store.

“I really think Ed’s going to be running the place at this point. So, how messed up or funny would that be if he’s running Good Burger and managing it,” Mitchell said. “I think they’re looking [and] seeing these new employees that are there now, with a whole new generation, I think it’s going to be dope as well. Having that and they have new adventures throughout that, trying to show these other workers how to go through it and they can learn it and navigate their stories within it.

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