J Balvin’s Best Fantasy Time Proves He’s Not Afraid to Be Brave

This is it J Balvinworld and we just live here.

At this time last year, the reggaeton singer, who is now 36, released his live and live album Colors, Which is just the kind of loud and powerful music we need in between coronavirus pandemic.

However, the “Blanco” singer wasn’t the only one killed by the music department. She has proven for many times that she is a force in the fashion world with her clear, attractive and beautiful style. And so on Evil Bunny, WHO he was always cooperative, J Balvin is not afraid to take risks or push things to the edge of his ensembles.

Case in point? All eyes are on Oasis singer when he attended Paris Fashion Week Men in 2019. She made the street her dance, as she wore a lot of coats and pants that were on your face that she paired with the same attention tops. Furthermore, accessories played an important role in her ‘resistance to considering her rocking of embroidered berets, a coveted Dior saddle bag and unique sunglasses.

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