Khloe Kardashian Thanks Fans After Twins Kardashians Premiere

“I’m so thankful I did!” she tweet. “I have not seen so much love, kindness and empathy in a long time on social media. Thank you all for being kind, supportive and loving. Thank you for being gentle and understanding.”

It’s Khloe continues“Thank you for your love and sweetness. I mean that with everything in me! Thank you for watching one of the hardest episodes I’ve ever shot. Thank you for taking the time to watch whatever the you feel for me. I appreciate and thank you all.”

on The Kardashians, Khloe got emotional when she spoke about her journey to baby No. 2 of a confessional. “Tristan and I- I don’t know if I want to say, ‘Tristan and I,'” she said. “I have another child and obviously, it’s private and I don’t want it to come out now because I want to protect, I think, my mental health as well as the surrogate and all that. But, um, yeah, it’s just that everyone’s going through a lot at the same time.”

He continued, “I haven’t heard about it in months about how stupid I am, like a dumb [bleep] Me, all these things from everyone. Like, that’s the part that’s like, I think, the concern. Like, I can’t even begin to think about that. “

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