Religious Freedom | Jim Daly

Even if you consider yourself an atheist, protecting religious freedom is still in your best interest because religious freedom is the foundation of all the freedoms you enjoy.

Among the freedoms protected by our forefathers in the Constitution, freedom of religion is first on the list. The freedom to worship – or not to worship – is ours only because we exist. It is given to us by our Creator – that is, God himself.

That is an important detail because if a freedom is given to us by the government it can also be taken away by the government.

Freedom of religion is the foundation of every other freedom we rely on to build a happy, prosperous society. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights because they are inherent in the nature of God. So are the institutions of marriage and family.

I support the right of anyone who does not believe in God. But there is no authority Violators to the State, our highest loyalty becomes on the state. Any government that sees itself as the supreme authority of the people will use its power to control what people say, believe, and do.

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, freedom of religion itself is the foundation of every other freedom you and I enjoy. It allows each of us to be individuals who live, speak, and act according to our deeply held convictions without government interference.

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