See Jennifer Garner Practice Ballet for the First Time in 20 Years

If there is an activity that comes to your mind, and then you ask yourself, “I wonder if Jennifer Garner good at that, ”you can be sure the answer is always yes.

The 49-year-old Yes Day star took her Instagram Story on Thursday, April 29 to celebrate International Dance Day by speeding up her own dance moves. Of course, these weren’t run-of-the-mill dance moves, as she performed ballet activities that mimicked what the lead dancer at the American Ballet Theater did. Brandt was blamed from a video on Jen’s laptop.

“Bless this old gal’s heart,” the 13 Proceed to 30 actress self -writing writes about itself as a caption. “She hasn’t held the fourth position of good couple in decades.”

Anyway, ballet has to be like riding a bike for Jen, given that her steps and posture look really good, especially if she’s never danced in dance form in over 20 years.

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