The New Baby Girl Can Come Faster Than You Think

The new Gossip Woman officially going, with a premiere month and all.

Showrunner Joshua Safran revealed on Wednesday, April 28th that the series, a class reboot, a class sequel to the beloved 2007 series, will arrive in July. And if you think you’ve heard a lot about the new show and also a little bit about this new show, there’s a reason for that, according to a new Cosmo sneezing about the expected series. Probably, there are a lot of secrets to hide, even if the birth of Gossip Girl isn’t exactly one of them.

Executive making Josh Schwartz Revelation at a TCA panel a long time ago (OK, July 2019) that in this pronunciation, “We’re all Gossip Girl now.” It doesn’t happen that a dude can’t be explained by acting as the known queen of gossip for the entire series, because, “We’re all purveyors of our own state of social media surveillance.”

on Cosmo talk, Safran remains unclear about what exactly is meant by practice.

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