The Official Cause of Betty White’s Death Revealed

Authorities now know what caused it Betty WhiteHis death was before his 100th birthday.

The actress, is known for her roles in The Golden Women, The Proposal and more popular movies, died at age 99 at his home in Los Angeles, Calif. on December 31.

According to his death certificate obtained by E! News, White died of a cerebrovascular accident, or stroke. He had a stroke six days before he died.

A medical incident occurs when part of the brain experiences a loss of blood flow, according to the National Library of Medicine, which says it can cause “permanent brain damage, chronic disability, or even death. ”

A few weeks before he died, White said People that he was “very lucky to be in such good health and feeling very good at this age.”

White’s friend and agent, Jeff Witjas, previously told by E! News that he “died peacefully in his sleep at home” and denied rumors that his death was related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

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